Craniosacral therapy from Candace helped with my migraines when nothing else would. I highly recommend her for anyone dealing with migraines, vertigo, or chronic pain. She is gentle, professional, and extremely skilled
— Ellen

Happy Clients

I had extreme stress headaches/migraines 24-7, that were so severe I could not drive for 4  months before I came to see Candace. A few days after my first treatment I could once again safely drive a car. Additional treatments have left me completely functional and pain-free, without the use of medications.

— Susan

Thanks so much, Candace. I feel like I’m getting my life back so I can get back into more walking and other activities, and it helps me to feel more positive. I feel so much more alive and awake….This is totally a wonderful holistic approach to health vs. taking medications to relieve pain! 

— Charmaine

I suffer from a lot of stress and the sessions were quite soothing and helped
with stress headaches. The treatments seem to help balance me and are
very non-invasive and enjoyable

— Amy


CST has helped control and reduce the neck pain that I've lived with
for more than 8 years.  The CST sessions with Candace are relaxing,
though I have found that the pain reduction seems to be even more
noticeable several days after the treatments.

— dave